Sunday, 20 January 2013

Truth 16

There was a fantastic article on WW (April 2012, p90-91), here's a link to it. The image came from the article (it was called The Truth about Living Afloat and was by someone called Polly Player who I think is also known as Starcoaster on the canalworld discussion forum as most of the truths are there).

It's worth putting up here both as a pointer to my friends and work-mates who talk about having showers each and every day (luxury) and as a reminder to myself that the 4 litre rule doesn't apply when you're getting water!

In order to avoid any inclement weather (it's snowing now) we went and got water yesterday morning (19/01/2013) from the water point on Jesus Green as the one on Stourbridge was frozen and I showered like a King, nay, like an Emperor! I didn't even turn the water off whilst shampooing and washing!

Mind you, I didn't shave my legs...

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