Friday, 9 November 2012

You say "expenses" and I hear "benefit".

So how would we feel if some slapper from a sink-hole council estate conned the tax-payer out of more than £60K and went to court with a pair of underpants on her head and sticking two pencils up her nose and the judge said that she wasn't well?

I know how the Tory media would portray it (Yes, I'm looking at you Daily Mail (I'm not allowed to read it any more in the pub as I get all ranty... even more ranty than I was this evening whilst listening to the news on Radio 4 and the idiocy of Cameron (Pie would've been proud!))).

So someone who claims to work for our good is guilty of stealing £60K from us and we say, "There, there love. You sit down and have a nice cup of tea. Don't you worry your pretty little head, just go home and we'll tell you all about it when it's all over"?

What's wrong with the system of government in this, and probably other, countries? We've just had the most expensive election campaign ever in the USA and China has just told it's population who it's leader is going to be. Do we really need government? Belgium managed 535 days without a leader, in that time did anything dodgy happen? It's arguable that the only reason that they had to form a proper government was the Eurozone crisis; a crisis caused by other governments!

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