Sunday, 23 September 2012

Dashlane to the rescue...

So my poor old work laptop was feeling the strain and work decided that I needed a desktop which could cope with all the development work we're doing at the minute. I'm not a huge fan of big old clunkers but on this instance I thought I'd give it a whirl... WOW! Peter specced and built it and it's the bees knees, he only sniggered a little when I said that I'd like to try Windows 8 but he did check that I was joking, Gawd bless him!

Anyway, I've not long been through the whole Windows re-install procedure so I had a little idea of just what was entailed in transfering all my stuff. There's the huge music library managed by MediaMonkey and then the eBook collection manged by Calibre and synced across various machines with AVGs Live-Kive. But then there's all the little things that need passwords and such-like. Chrome is lovely and manages to remember everything but what with being a development team I test everything on other browsers. There's Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer and (if I'm feeling brave) Safari too!

I need to remember the log-ins I've got for all those little services too, thankfully most of them have a web front-end so it's just a matter of logging in and downloading the installer but then I need to remember the password I used as well for the client application. That's where Dashlane comes in so useful. The link will to Dashlane will credit me but will offer no financial gain but I'm putting it there anyway as I trust that you'll love it too!

It was pretty much the first thing I installed on the machine so that I didn't need to worry about remembering all those passwords and log-ins. I have at least two browsers open at any one time - one for development (Firefox with Firebug) and one for GMail and Google Reader (Chrome usually). Dashlane syncs my credentials between these two browsers beautifully so taht I only ever have to remember the Dashlane password. Utterly brilliant! It's nice that things just work, especially at the minute.

But hey, don't just take my word for it, give it a try! There're apps for Android and iPad too - you wouldn't believe how useful they are too. Just fire them up and I can get access to my credentials without having to boot a big machine!

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