Monday, 25 July 2011

Rule 34

So I got my present job on the back of an interview. It was an interview that was more like a conversation and I found myself interrupting Lars and him interrupting me as we discussed various technologies or approaches to programming. I got off my bike at The Judge School after listening to WHOURKR (which I'd discovered via Transmission Zero) and I was hyped and sweating buckets thanks to cycling to the beat and being really quite excited. We got to talking and it was like I was entering a whole new world, a world where people didn't actively listen to me when I was rattling on about this IT stuff which got me so excited.

Reading Charles Stross is ever-so-much like this. I find myself having to put down my iPad (running Kindle) and just laughing aloud at the way he's inserted some techno-speak into my head, and inserted it without having to go through the loops of having to explain it to me as I already grok it.

My Ma loves his books too, particularly the Laundry series, and I guess he must do the same there as she's an avid reader of thriller and crime novels so I guess she gets the references to spy novels on an instinctive level as well - I too have read my fair share of John Le Carre and I get it too!

Rule 34 though, the follow up to Halting State, is superb! I guess I shouldn't really be reviewing it as I've not quite finished, but there was at least two moments last night where the iPad went down and I just had to sit back and appreciate how he'd got into my head.

Well done Sir!

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