Monday, 7 June 2010

Dunham's Wood

Went here on Sunday and I've got to say it was really, really cool. A little like stepping back to the 70's TBH but all the better for that. An old art teacher once told be I was a child of the 70's in terms of my approach to work so that must explain why I loved it as much as I did. From the miniature railway all the way to the maze I thought it was downright brilliant and I'd encourage anyone with kids and a hankering for a little nostalgia to give it a visit.

Chap we went there with said that the bloke who set it up just decided to plant a wood in a field and then decided to build a railway.

Each time it's open all the proceeds go to charity and this weekend they went to St. Mary's Church Restoration Fund and I'm pretty sure that it must have been members of the congregation that were staffing the stalls in the little glade near the entrance.

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  1. And we won the competition that was running there that day so we get a free trip there next time it's open!