Monday, 23 November 2009

Solar Cells

I love the idea of solar cells, I really, really do, and I used to love Treehugger but I had to give it up, as well as my continued viewing of Hot UK Deals because of the amount of time I was wasting...

But one thing I can't give up is my browsing of Digg and so I was pleased to see this article about Cheap 3D Solar Cells Are 6x More Efficient, Work Underground. We just need to get to the point where we can apply them using a spray gun and all my energy needs will be sorted.

Speaking of which I'm just about finishing Stephen Baxter's Flood, I was sort of avoiding it because I thought it was just the thing that was on the telly but it isn't. It's actually much, much worse. Read it if you fancy but don't expect it to be a happy read, and what has he got against Tibet?

I'm enjoying messing about with VBScript for my lastest Open University module (I'm going to put some source code here later when FileZilla decides to work again):

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