Saturday, 19 September 2009


We're back from Tallinn in Estonia where we spent 5 nights. It's a jolly good place though I was a little nervous when we got off the plane... the bus into Tallinn seemed to be full of Stag Parties and Babooshkas!

I'd spent ages looking for books on Amazon but finally downloaded and printed the TALLINN in your pocket guide which was excellent.

We went on Wednesday 9th September 2009 and came back on Monday 14th September 2009 and stopped at the Domina City Hotel, breakfast was provided at the hotel so we went out for tea usually and ended up drinking in the room reading and watching Estonian TV... which is jolly cool!

Upon arriving we were hungry and so we ate at the Schnitzel House and managed to overhear a number of people using English as a lingua franca which was funny as they were criticising the English for talking about the Second World War, most especially after their 3rd drink on an evening.

On the Thursday we went on a cycle tour which was also really rather good and got nattering to some TA guys who were on a "lads" holiday (apparently this means they can burp and fart without censure!). One was talking about the history of Estonia and for a people who've been invaded and occupied by nigh on every bugger for centuries then they're remarkably not bonkers... apart from the focus on singing.

The Saku was nice as was the A. Le Coq.

Cool name!

Overall a jolly good place to visit!

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