Sunday, 6 August 2006

interesting bit of xml

<?xml version="1.0">        
<style id="1">

<style id="2">

<section text="Dominic R Myers">
<multiline text="07791005861"/>
<multiline text=""/>

<multiline text=""/>
<section text="Summary">
<multiline text="A creative technologist with a human side; happy with both
server and client side technologies, working on code or design
and more than happy to learn new techniques. I'm a psychiatric
nurse with ability to talk, and more importantly, to listen."/>
<section text="Skills">

<multiline text="advanced:">
<line>AJAX, CMS, DOM, HTML, JavaScript, ECMAScript, SVG, web, XML,
XMLHttpRequest, XHTML, DHTML, Web Standards</line>
<multiline text="skilled:">
<line>blogging, CSS, Data Architect, DBA, LAMP, MacOS, MySQL, PHP,
RDBMS, Web 2.0, Windows, Semantic Web</line>

<multiline text="newbie:">
<line>Apache, C, Information Architecture, JSON, Network Architecture,
ODBC, Programming, RSS, SQL, TCP/IP, VBScript, W3C, Web Services,
XML Schema, XSLT, XQuery</line>

<section text="Education, qualifications and training">
<multiline text="2001-2006">
<line>ARU - MSc Computer Science (distinction)</line>
<line>Dissertation title: "Little Bits of Changes: Comparing
traditional web applications with applications built using the
AJAX paradigm in the context of a module choice milieu within an
academic community"</line>
<line>Work also carried out on using JavaScript to parse OWL
ontology and generate an SVG image -</line>

<multiline text="1994-1998">
<line>ARU - BSc Professional Nursing Practice</line>
<multiline text="1993-1994">

<line>University of Sheffield - Foundation course in Art Therapy</line>
<multiline text="1991-1994">
<line>University of Sheffield - P2K diploma in MH nursing</line>

<section text="Experiences/achievements">
<multiline text="2005">
<line> - DHTML site using DOM-scripting</line>

<multiline text="2003-2004">
<line>Mike Hobbs - Research assistant working on semantic web and web ontology,
attended 6th international Protégé workshop</line>
<multiline text="2003-">
<line> - is my personal site and serves as a test bed for
various programming and artistic experiments</line>

<line> - CMS/blog example</line>
<line> - example of online gallery</line>
<line> - various other examples</line>

<multiline text="1998-">
<line>Fulbourn Hospital - working as RMN on acute admission ward</line>
<multiline text="1994-1997">
<line>Kneesworth House Hospital - worked as RMN within this private forensic
psychiatric hospital</line>


This is a rough of my own CV. Now I need to get SimpleXML to read this and put the right bits into FPDF and output the file... which should be easy enough really. Then I need a way of writing this type of XML to a database using a form... or something like that anyway... sorry, just mumbling to myself!

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