Wednesday, 22 March 2006


I'm hitting the 12,000 word mark so I'm nearly there I guess. YAY!

Having a bugger of a time tracking down a nice font though as the Mac uses Helvetica Neue and I can't seem to find it anywhere for less than about 400 euros... which is just a bit steep for me and I need it to do some editing on the PC of Appendices and such like. For instance, I need to drop the page number in the Appendix to something less than 150 or I'll need to sell my liver in order to pay for it... not sure anyone'd buy my liver thinking about it...wink.

Won the Pub Quiz at the The Green Dragon, Cambridge a couple of weeks ago, thanks to Phil and Graham!

I sent Phil a picture of my prize (They give you a voucher for a free drink if you win), which I'd framed and put on the wall of the boat... he seemed a little unimpressed... ahh well.

If anyone should be getting naffed off with links to bits of the dissertation not working then please be advised that it's moved to here as I needed somewhere that had PHP5 and thought I'd consolidate all the dissertation stuff in one place. It's password protected so you'll have to ask for access I'm afraid!

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