Sunday, 4 September 2005

How odd

My trusty PC must be feeling a bit left out at the minute, a bit neglected really. It's not it's fault really, it's just that I've fallen for mac in such a big way that it really doesn't have look in anymore. I've pulled it up today (The PC that is.) and tried to do stuff but I'm left thinking of something a mate said when they learnt how to drive in France... was something along the lines of being able to drive badly in both place, non of the keys are in the right place and the short cuts are all different.

My mac is slow but it's got apache already installed and has PHP and MySQL all easily installable - and you know I've installed them too - and I'm developing stuff on that quick as a flash... mainly because it's just so nice to use I think.

Anyway, enough of this, it's time to get back to some work again.

As an extra nugget of data purely for my own benifit:

I've come to understand where my somewhat mystical bent came from after coming across The Complete Adventures of Robin of Sherwood from the popular TV series by Richard Carpenter with Robin May and Anthony Horowitz (ISBN 0-14-034450-0) at work. I'd forgotten about the series staring Jason Connery until I came across this and then all I could hear afterwards was the music by Clannad in my head. It was a cracking bit of telly and no mistake and I can remember being well naffed off when it ended... ahh well.

Needless to say I'll be plowing through it (along with all the other books I'm in the process of reading at the minute).

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